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Helpful Tips



Quantities and measures.

We sell our firewood by the cubic meter (m3). You may have heard of a “cord” of wood. A “cord” of wood is the American measurement for firewood.
1 cord = approx. 3.65 cubic meters (m3)

How much wood do you need to last out the winter?

The quantity of firewood needed for a season depends on whether you burn coal as well as wood and also how often you have a fire going. 
A general rule of thumb that we work to for a season is up to 10m3 of firewood for a log burner for Southland conditions.
Does it really matter if I buy wood that is not seasoned?

If you burn wood that is not properly seasoned the result can be wood that is hard to burn, poor flame and low heat output, excess soot and gum/steam which can result in fouling of the chimney resulting in higher maintenance and ultimately an increased risk of chimney fire.

For quality firewood always be sure to purchase from a reputable supplier.